December 24, 2017

Healthcare Candidate Question HD93

Governor Abbot's primary policy thrust regarding health care has been 1) to refuse to accept Medicaid funds associated with the ACA that would have provided healthcare to millions of Texans; and 2) to push for and succeed, with the help of a Republican State Senate, in closing scores of women's clinics across the state; clinics that provide low cost cancer screenings, reproductive services etc., again resulting in millions of Texans losing access to life saving health care. What would you do in your role of State Senator to address the problem of access to healthcare that now confront our citizens, especially Texas women.

Nancy Bean

Response Received by Dec 22

As a legislator, I will form alliances to fight for expanding Medicaid as a minimum step toward increased access to healthcare. However, my goal is the expansion and improvement of Medicare, as a universal, single-payer system. With its structure already established and accepted, Medicare is the least costly form of medical insurance (at only 3% overhead) and provides the most seamless transition to single-payer universal coverage. I will fight for healthcare as a right not a privilege. Healthcare is about respect for our neighbors but it is also about building a strong economy with a reliable and vigorous workforce. Decisions regarding the details of care should be made by Texans seeking care in consultation with their physicians, NOT by politicians and CEOs.

Nisha Mathews

Response Received by Dec 22

A true leader needs to show compassion to all of his/her constituents regardless of party affiliation, gender, income, race, and all other things that make us different externally. Mr. Abbot’s refusal to accept Medicaid funds associated with ACA is a clear judgement on who “deserves” good healthcare. His lack of empathy towards women’s health shows that he’s unable to understand our needs and serve ALL Texans. His decisions are based on partisan politics and not on the well-being of Texans. Access to good healthcare should not even be up for debate and as your Representative in House District 93, I will fight for our right for affordable healthcare and work hard to ensure that we meet the basic healthcare needs of ALL Texans. I will work with local providers and the medical community to figure out new ways for all people to get access to low cost cancer screenings, reproductive services, and other healthcare necessities. I consider it my duty to serve and ensure that both men and women have access to good and affordable healthcare because when people are healthy, they’ll be at their best and will be able to focus on being productive and better able to contribute to our community.