December 24, 2017

Question Selection SD10

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Nov 17th – Question 1:

What is your strategy to inspire and unite progressive voters in SD-10?  What lessons can we learn from the recent Democratic victories in Virginia and New Jersey?

Nov 24th – Question 2:

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is grappling with a tight budget and millions of dollars in backlogged park maintenance. In order to balance the budget, the legislature has repeatedly reallocated funds initially designated to the state parks department. How will you approach funding for our state parks?

Dec 1st – Question 3:

What is your position on Net Neutrality as previously defined by Tom Wheeler? What actions can or should we take at the state level?

Dec 8th – Question 4:

SB 4, the Sanctuary Cities Bill which targets our immigrant community is law in Texas and is currently in the courts to determine if it can pass constitutional muster. This process could be lengthy. If you are elected what would be your strategy to deal with this complex issue?

Dec 16th – Question 5:

Improving education in Texas is one of the key issues you plan to address as a state Senator. In this past session, the Legislature introduced multiple bills and debated a variety of education topics ranging from pre-K to college. What are the top 3 issues you see facing public education in Texas?

Dec 22nd – Question 6:

Governor Abbot’s primary policy thrust regarding health care has been 1) to refuse to accept Medicaid funds associated with the ACA that would have provided healthcare to millions of Texans; and 2) to push for and succeed, with the help of a Republican State Senate, in closing scores of women’s clinics across the state; clinics that provide low cost cancer screenings, reproductive services etc., again resulting in millions of Texans losing access to life saving health care. What would you do in your role of State Senator to address the problem of access to healthcare that now confront our citizens, especially Texas women.

Dec 29th – Question 7:

What is your stance on the second amendment and your ideas on common sense measures to reduce gun deaths and gun tragedies of all types? 

Jan 5th – Question 8:

Do you believe that there is a serious police brutality problem in the United States? If so, what legislative actions can be taken to not just achieve individual justice, but create meaningful change?

Jan 12th – Question 9:

Rising property taxes are a top complaint of voters, and were a priority for our Governor during this past legislative session.  Over half of the average property tax bill goes towards funding our public schools, which are already suffering from a lack of funding.  How do you approach the problem of tax relief vs. public education needs?